Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hit Boy - Jay-Z Interview

When I sit back & watch this I can only sit back & say damn, this dude is a walking example of "Hard Work Paying Off".  I first me Hit Boy in 2009/2010 when I was managing an Artist out here who would work with him before he got signed.  I'd also see him from time to time at the Vibe & a couple other places like the ASAP x Surf Club Party.  To look back from then to now, the progression with this dude has been endless.  The dude has always been making hits, but his "Nigga's in Paris" production set a bar for his work.  Now with the Cosign of Jay & Kanye, he's following the footsteps of the producer turned platinum artist, Kanye.  It's funny because when you look at the title of the video, you would probably expect a interview with Jay-Z, but instead you get a look at some rare visuals of hit boy to accompany a great track.  The video was directed by our homie Jelani, we met back in the "good ole days" at the sneaker campouts when people camped to actually wear the kicks they were gonna buy.  Keep up the good work fellas...

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