Sunday, June 24, 2012

Event | Made It In America Party

"Made It In America" first started as a concept for a mix that we wanted to do which ended up being a full scale project.  Now that it has finally came into fruition it's about that time to share it with everyone.      We will be releasing a DJ Mix with our very own HyperAktive with a heavy "Trap" Influence.  So we decided to take it back to the OG, & throw a Summer Pool & House Party.  You know DYNT likes to go against the grain when it comes expectations in society, who says you can't make it America without following tradition or even certain laws.  So we gonna celebrate Independence Day early with a House Party you wont forget.  It is open to the general public, just send an email to
RSVP@DoYouNotThem.com for the address. The address will be released to the public the day before the party.  We have plenty of surprises in store for the day.  Early RSVP's attendees will be blessed with gifts!  Stay tuned for more info!

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