Monday, January 9, 2012

Snaps | Huf x Haroshi Opening Day

HUF has partnered with Japanese artist Haroshi and Bay Area-based skateboard distributor DLX Distribution on a collaboration that incorporates the clean design aesthetic of HUF, the raw, street-skating principles of DLX, and a combination of both elements represented through the artwork of Haroshi. It was a madhouse at the opening ceremony this past Saturday at the Huf warehouse. Enjoy some pics below:

IMG_2332 copy
Mega, Berto, & Weez.... Always good to hang with out Black Scale familia.

IMG_2338 copy
The skate wheel was an amazing piece, made up with actual Spitfire Wheels as Bearings.

IMG_2370 copy
Haroshi had all the birds flocking.

IMG_2333 copy
Hennessy Black x Haroshi's middle finger piece.

IMG_2367 copy
Wednesday's with Reda

IMG_2396 copy

IMG_2357 copy
Fire Hydrant made out of used skateboard decks.

IMG_2350 copy
Amazing work.

IMG_2410 copy
Eat Shit!

IMG_2405 copy
The Collaborating Crew, DLX, Haroshi, & HUF

IMG_2392 copy
If you don't know who Atiba or Ray Barbee is, you better get on Google.

IMG_2346 copy
Wait is this an art piece or......

IMG_2331 copy

IMG_2358 copy

IMG_2339 copy
Aye it's Anf!

IMG_2421 copy
The tattoo work on the piece was craze.

IMG_2414 copy
The lovely ladies & Marz from SF

IMG_2434 copy

IMG_2470 copy

IMG_2468 copy
We swear our boy Kiki was wearing this... he danced just like him

IMG_2446 copy

IMG_2426 copy

IMG_2372 copy

IMG_2399 copy
Weez always flipping someone off.

IMG_2411 copy
Haroshi & Chase!

IMG_2335 copy

IMG_2341 copy
Packed Warehouse.

IMG_2382 copy

IMG_2476 copy

IMG_2393 copy

IMG_2385 copy

We shot a ton of photos, you can check out more here!

IMG_2497 copy

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