Monday, January 9, 2012

Recap & Snaps | Agenda Tradeshow

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If you would have asked us, if "we were available anywhere outside of our shop & online" we would have simply told you "No" had it been this time last year or even a couple months back. Not because we couldn't but simply because we chose to, & what a great choice it was. We chose to get a feel for the industry as a brand new business, build a name & relationships, & of course work on the quality of our product. We all agreed that we would open up a limited amount of retailers for the start of 2012, spread among the world & Agenda was our first step. Long Beach gave us a proper welcome last week & brought us some good business. Talk is becoming very cheap so we will release our stockist page soon, but long story short "DYNT is coming to a retailer near you..... very soon". If you are a buyer & are interested in stocking the brand, email our sales team at Sales@DoYouNotThem.com. We are only limiting the brand to a few spots, so move fast. In the meantime, enjoy some quick photo's below (I apologize I didn't take many, it was a busy day:

IMG_2198 copy
Flexfit Booth x Agenda

IMG_2190 copy
Russ (SSUR) & Dom (Brooklyn Projects) chopping it up

IMG_2199 copy
Agenda's layout was much better than last years

IMG_2188 copy
Jenn Klein (The Hundreds) seen our "Fuck Tradition" Hat & loved it.

IMG_2192 copy
Then showed off her grey "Comme des Fuck Down" SSUR Beanie

IMG_2169 copy
Linked up with the dudes from Chambers, we may be doing a show with them soon.

The big homie Melloe Won (Labels/New Era) always holds us down.

IMG_2167 copy
Bridget of Blonde has been making moves! (Blonde Locks)

IMG_2241 copy
We've never heard of Machine Gun Kelly, but he performed at the DGK x Skate Mental After Party

IMG_2224 copy
Free Drink Coupons x Chazzay at the after party!

Stussy x Heel Bruise "Under the Radar pt.2"

The next few pictures are courtesy of our instagram's, which has rapidly grown & become everyone's favorite App feel free to follow us: @DYNT @MateoDYNT @Wezzie_DYNT @Chumpion

Skate Rats chillin out front.

Ran into Jason, owner of Swag Syndicate.

Nick (Diamond) all smiles while talking about being a future father...

Weez, Mizzle (JBC) , & Junbug (Deadline)

Moonshine (BGRT) is an ill dude!

Dom, Lizard King, & Melloe

Starter x SE x Agenda 29inch


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Pretty dope guys!!! And MGK is to awesome!!!