Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snaps | Stevie Crooks Private Listening Party

IMG_0211 copy

Last night Stevie Crooks premiered his new album entitled "VLNS NVR DIE". The house was packed out with a RSVP Guest List that was way over capacity. By the end of the second to last song the crowd was already yelling for an encore & to repeat their favorite tracks. The album will be releasing 11.29.11 so stay tuned. Pics of the event below:

IMG_0142 copy

IMG_0139 copy

IMG_0159 copy

IMG_0198 copy

IMG_0175 copy

IMG_0218 copy

IMG_0209 copy

IMG_0200 copy

IMG_0234 copy

IMG_0276 copy

IMG_0170 copy
IMG_0261 copy

IMG_0247 copy

IMG_0244 copy

IMG_0310 copy

IMG_0303 copy

IMG_0188 copy

IMG_0335 copy

IMG_0321 copy

IMG_0152 copy

IMG_0291 copy

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