Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maliceous Skates x DYNT

Talk is definitely very cheap now in 2011, it almost seems like you can't take a majority of people's word for things. But in this case, our boy Rob aka "Maliceous Skates" proved to be one of the few that back their shit up. Rob has been telling me about a skateboard company that he has been planning for months even years & is now set to release his first line of decks this season, not to mention some merchandise on the side. MLCS Co. is definitely about to be one of the next top skateboard brands to be pushed with the real street lifestyle behind it. Their first lookbook was shot this past weekend by Fairfax very own, Sagan. I got a chance to drop by the shoot and knock out a "WDYWT" with Rob, we also have a "Day in the Life" video coming out soon. Stay Tuned!

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