Monday, September 17, 2012

We are human... bare with us.

When pursuing something you are passionate about sometimes everything doesn't pan out as perfectly as you want it to.  Well DYNT is no stranger to these kind of things, we have had our shares of mistakes with this brand.  But we have learned from our small mistakes so we can strive to be as close to perfect as possible.


Me & Wezzie thought we had a solid hold on things when the brand started to to make moves & become noticed.  What people DON'T know is we chose not to get a big investment or go to school for this business but to surround ourselves with people who do the same thing.  Everything is done in-house, we print all of our screen printed tees in our own warehouse.  We ended up getting backed up on shipping from the increase in sales and with just the two of us trying to handle everything while dealing with our personal lives, it quickly became overwhelming. Well that's no longer a problem, we have structured the brand & built a team of individuals that will man our warehouse, e-commerce, accounting, sales, etc & we will keep expanding accordingly.  We will introduce these people later on, but for now, just know this; when ordering product this Fall/Winter season your orders will be shipped to you swiftly and smoothly.  There still is a couple of orders that were recently ordered that were backed up due to our phone cases being held up at customs for quite awhile.  So if you ordered a phone case or Very Rare package, expect your package this week.

We thank everyone who has supported and has been patient with us, we will continue to progress & grow.


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