Friday, October 7, 2011

Updates | DYNT Outerwear


It's a bittersweet feeling being able to have a brand & design a product that people are hyped on. We know we are still infants in this industry and with that mentality, we stay hungry and work hard. Most of our product is hand printed at our warehouse, so we oversee the product as it's being made. But it's still that first screen swipe that has us impatient & excited to see the outcome. So that same hyped feeling our supporters get when they see our new products roll out that is the same feeling we still get to this day. Our "Duck" Crewneck samples just came in last night, from the second I laid eyes on them I just wanted to throw one on. It's funny because Wezzie walked in wearing one with the samples in his hand. We are pretty impressed on the outcome, definitely great quality work from Danielle, who handles most of our cutting & sewing. These will be releasing next weekend in Maroon & Navy. I recommend you pick one up fast because our "Duck" tees sold out in a week, & my phone has already been bombarded with text messages regarding the crews. Thank you for all the support we want everyone to know that we appreciate those who have been down with us since the beginning. We have something very special coming up for you all.

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