Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prospects | DYNT Interns Introduced


Yesterday night we had a chance to meet with the interns that made the cut for this season for everyone to get acquainted. All of our interns impressed us with top interviews, resumes, and portfolios & proved that they are ready to work with us. Let's see if they can make an impression.

Check them out below:

Tony is also a intern at a local bike shop, so if you ever need bike work he's your dude.

Alejandra just graduated FIDM San Francisco for visuals.

Dylan is a driven kid who recently relocated back to the area, he told us in his introduction that he likes "Interracial Porn"... a lil too comfortable already eh?

Paige knows how to work a camera quite well & is driven.

"AC" is from Long Beach, he said the drive is no problem... thats dedication.

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