Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DYNT Update | Documentary Vol. 2 Preview

This summer is very important to us over here at DYNT. Why, you ask? It's simple, this will be our first full season of DYNT Product from now until the end, but there obviously wont be an end because we wont be stopped. Fall/Winter was a mix between DOnUt product & DYNT Promo. We started as a brand entitled "Donut", people still refer to us as this name from time to time but we are no longer going by this name. This is a different brand, we have matured a lot in the past few months and took a lot of planning & strategizing to get to where we are today as a new brand. We also took a step back to focus on bringing you higher quality products for the future. The best part about all of this is that it is only the beginning for us. This summer we have a lot in store for you as we head into our first full season as DYNT. Such as A Updated Site, New Blog Features, Events, In-Stores, Pup Up Shops, Parties, Collabs, Limited Releases, and Exclusive Products. In the next few days we will be posting our "Summer Lineup" which will include some of the planned events coming in the next few weeks.


To start the summer off right, we are bringing you a collaboration with some good friends of ours, Barely Broke. We have watched this brand grow and commend them for their work & grind. When Rick came to us with an idea to collab we sat together and brainstormed. I had a concept lined up for our Summer Season that fit the idea perfectly; "Real Enemies Vs. Fake Friends." So why not share it with our friends from BBI. Rick & Darron came up with the cut & sew element to finish of the piece right. The concept pretty much defines our "Don't Trust Anyone" mentalities. The world is full of people trying to keep you down, Keep your eyes open & move in silence.


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