Monday, February 21, 2011

MAGIC/S.L.A.T.E. Photo Recap!

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This year we attended our first MAGIC/S.L.A.T.E. Trade Show as a brand. I can definitely say that this was quite an experience. We met with a lot of amazing & driven people, and came home with tons of new homies. The business aspect of MAGIC was great as we networked and set up some good deals, future projects, etc. The nightlife was just a eventful, Check out all the pics below. The rest can be viewed here of our FLICKR.

& the journey begins:
IMG_7498 copy
Snacks for the 3 hour journey.

IMG_7541 copy
Trav at State Line stretching.

IMG_7702 copy
When you see both of them, you know DYNT has arrived.

IMG_7764 copy
Night #1 We partied with ladies of Britboy Fashion

IMG_7839 copy
Travis & Rob Convention Center bound.

IMG_7843 copy
We chilled with the Deadline fam, they definitely got some new product thats gonna blow you away.

IMG_7842 copy
Mateo & Rob (Deadline)

IMG_7867 copy
Caught the homie Manny Santiago & Javier Nunez chillin by Atiba's photo gallery.

IMG_7871 copy
The Britboy Girls know whats up! "Thumbs Down"

IMG_7885 copy
Baby Chino is a 7 year old DJ ....SWAG

IMG_7902 copy
The Famous Crew threw one hell of a party Wednesday night.

IMG_7903 copy
P-Rod & Torey Pudwell at the Maloof Highest Ollie Comp.

IMG_7927 copy
Stevie Williams came and posted for a little during Maloof.

IMG_7980 copy
Aldrin Garcia snapped his way into the Guiness Book breaking the world record for highest ollie & left with $10,000 to show for it.

IMG_7987 copy
An ollie almost tall as him.

IMG_8039 copy
Cain Velasquez & Weezy reppin.

IMG_8047 copy
Torey & Shay Maria

IMG_8075 copy
Nelson (CLSC) choppin it up with Travis

IMG_8087 copy
I think we were all convinced that Weezy looked like DJ Khaled for the week.

IMG_8350 copy
Our boys from Quintin Co. set up shop.

IMG_8351 copy
Be on the lookout for Quintin hats, they will be available at our shop real soon.

IMG_8356 copy
Rob from Deadline took this picture of Mateo & Weezy, so credit is due.

IMG_8388 copy
Some of the Deadline Fam.

IMG_8155 copy
Posted up with Bun B for a lil before the Famous Party at XS.

IMG_8173 copy
EZ of 411 Magazine from Japan were in the building. He took pics of us for his magazine, so we decided to return the favor!

IMG_8217 copy
Lil B

IMG_8226 copy
Quintin Rob at the Famous Party.

IMG_8240 copy
All cameras on the Trill OG.

IMG_8302 copy
It's Showtime! Swizz Beatz

IMG_8325 copy
Good time enjoyed by everyone for MAGIC week.

IMG_8095 copy
Well Vegas, it was fun. See you in August for MAGIC pt. 2, More pictures can be seen HERE

Video coming soon!

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