Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Highlight of 2010


I can definitely say that this year has been quite an amazing journey for the DYNT team. We thought after a 5 month hiatus during our rebrand that nothing could top our 2010 highlight reel until a local supporter walked into the shop with something that blew us away. He told us he was recently introduced to our brand and respected the positivity and meaning behind our brand that he went and got the logo permanently inked on his body. Travis always said "we aren't official until someone wants to tattoo our logo". Well, I guess that means we have to stick around for life so his tattoo has meaning, no problem! We laced him a package and told him that he's a honorary member of the D.B.D.C. for life. Thanks for the support Josh & thank you to everyone else who supports us and our movement.


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